Remember the Maine

Lead with the left/ that foot’s the best/ candidate

Slow but surely/ an inchworm’s surly/ getaway

This upper right hand/ corner of land/ can stay

But I’m going back west/ this take home test/ didn’t take 

You can have your seasons

Texas may be plain

You’ll remember my reasons

And I’ll Remember the Maine 

I follow bad maps/ with a mishap/ in Caribou

Too much scenery/ in those beany/ braided boots

And too my Yankee/ in them cranky/ quaint shoes

I tried to love/ just what you love/ ‘cause I do 

Giving up up my lease and

Giving up my claim

Texas still’s the reason

But I’ll Remember the Maine


I’m a liar/ and a thief

See right through me like a black concert T

I’m a flyer/ honestly

I’m a bill of goods and shoulds and punk guarantees

3 is all you got

3 bucks and you bought…a flier

I’m a fortune cookie/ in 4/4 time

I’m just selling some distorted nursery rhyme

Take a lil’ look see/ on your dime

It’s loud with a crowd and warm all up inside

3 is all you need

3 bucks and you’re free

I’m a flier

Take a flier





I know what you wanted to be again

wanted to be again, so/ out of control

I know what you wanted to be again

Wanted to be again, no

You’re not so HiLo

In your second hand clothes

I know what you wanted to feel again

Wanted to feel again, oh/ make your boots go-go

I know what you wanted to feel again

Wanted to feel again, oh

And I’m so Hilo

You’re fair-to-middlin’/ just so-so

I’m so HiLo

But you ain’t second-fiddlin’/ ‘cause you bow it slow

And I’m so HiLo

All tortured notes and tremolo

So HiLo/ from my shaky noggin’ to my tappin’ toes

I know where you wanted to be again

Wanted to be again, oh/ all rock’n’roll

I know where you wanted to be again

Wanted to be again, oh

Now you’re so HiLo

Stuck in the kitchen with an old banjo

So HiLo/ Maybe even Steven can make you blow

Girl Friday

Monday is hard as ice/Wednesday softens nice

For a girl Friday

Finger painting on the fridge/still a nice set of getaway sticks/ on a girl Friday

Sleeps alone with her boy/ stubs her toe on Chinese toys

It’s her world someday

Weighed down by 2 angel anchors/who find a way to never thank her/ but she’s a girl Friday

Downtown/ up lights/ one day from Saturday night

Dim crowd/ too late/ looks for an expiration date      

At some point she might want a man/ swings a hammer not a pen/ for a girl Friday                           

Hopes the next one was bottle-fed/ to share the loss with a kindred/ What girl Friday

Downtown/ fifth night/ away from Saturday’s light

To be found/ alive/ in this miraculous dive               

It’s lousy/ with men/ she swears never again

Might smile/ might talk/ but won’t lean on some dependent rock

I’d push the world off its axis/but honey you know how my back is

That’s when I find her ache is different than your ache

And bones are gonna break

Those Who Can't Do

When my divorce fell apart

I mistakenly blamed it on my heart

Don’t ya start what you can’t finish/ don’t even wish it

Just don’t start

Just two drinking teachers on the rocks

In it for the money and small talk

With retirement gone/ save for a few bonds

This is no time to take stock

Lucky we’re loaded / else I can’t afford it  (So I can ignore/So Loaded…)

So those who can’t do/ will do  (To…we ain’t through)

She holds the ashtray/ I do the smokin’

Share a habit/ much more than token

Outlaws in their eyes/ the school Bonny and Clyde

If it ain’t broken

I was wrong about Nina Simone

It was me who was off-key and atoned

Wrong about your taste/ like a kid eating paste

But I ain’t wrong about being alone


Mutiny on the Titanic

The day before we hit

You thought you’d just had it

You took your crew below/ the deck/ and stole my empty wallet

Called me Capt. Fantastic

Not some cranky ole’ bastard

And with a waitress’ smile/ went back/ and hid the life jackets

Mutiny on the Titanic

An act so heroic

Now which of you is rowing?

We were on the brink

When you threw our water in the drink

There it froze/ and slammed/ against the bow/ wouldn’t sink

Mutiny on the Titanic

Just because you can

Doesn’t mean you should find land

Doesn’t mean you have to play (in) such a sad deckhand band

 (I’m your life jacket)